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Delta Valley Diving

June Fergusson Pool

The pool at Delta College consists of two 1m springboards, two 3m springboards, and one 1m platform. Additionally, the facility has a hot water tub for winter training, a mounted Sideline Scout replay system for the divers to watch their dives in real-time with slow-motion and replay capabilities, and a bubbler system to help with confidence when it comes to learning new dives.

The Hill - Dryland Area

Delta features the only on-deck dryland facility in the Central Valley/Sacramento areas. Dryland is critical to divers learning proper technique, strength and flexibility, and confidence building. The Hill features two Dryboards with one overhead spotting rig, a 6x12 Trampoline with overhead spotting rig, a SAM Spotting system, various landing/flipping mats, stretching mats, pullup bars, and an air track. Divers spend 25-50% of their practice time doing dryland.